RIPE Dance offers specially designed dance classes and experiences for a range of older people for improved health, mobility and wellbeing. Whether you are physically active and agile or living with mobility issues or physical restrictions, participants can experience the joy and benefits of dance in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

RIPE Dance classes are about possibilities not limitations. Even if you think you can’t dance, have two left feet or you’ve lost the confidence to dance, RIPE Dance works with you to find ways you can dance.

Evidence from a growing body of research shows that dance for older people provides physical, mental, emotional and social benefits. Participants leave class feeling energised and uplifted, ‘my muscles are less stiff’, ‘without the headache I came with’ and over time see improvements in their balance, coordination, flexibility, confidence and mood as well as development of new friendships.

Repress Immobility with Pleasurable Exercise! …so let’s Dance!

RIPE Dance offers a range of classes and dance experiences for:

  • Active and agile over 60s – including ballet and jazz/contemporary classes as well as performance opportunities
  • Ambulant over 60s – those who are mobile but not agile (not able to move quickly)
  • Older adults with mobility issues who live independently
  • Aged care residents including those with mobility issues and/or dementia

RIPE Dance also offers training for:

  • dance and allied health practitioners (physios, OTs & fitness instructors), residential care staff and activity leaders interested in leading dance for older people.

Benefits of Dance

Dance offers a range of physical, cognitive, emotional and social benefits. Read more